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Given the unrivaled natural beauty of the Mt. Desert Island area, as well as the nearly endless list of things to see and experience during your trip with Sea Venture, there is no shortage of options when it comes to designing your tour.

That said, please do not feel that you have to choose a particular trip when booking your tour. In fact, I would suggest that you simply specify the amount of time you would like to reserve and delay choosing a specific trip until the day of your tour. After greeting you at my dock I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Having discussed your personal preferences, I'll suggest various trip options based upon what I feel you might most enjoy.

With that in mind here are just a few of the many trips to choose from:

Explore the Spruce-clad Islands of Frenchman Bay!

The Porcupine Islands of Frenchman Bay once sheltered 17th Century French warships seeking refuge from the British Navy. Join me for a leisurely cruise through this lovely five-island archipelago and you are likely to see Bald Eagles, Osprey, Harbor Seals, Harbor Porpoise, and Black Guillemots as we glide slowly past surf-laced island shorelines pocketed with pristine coves.

Bring your camera and plenty of film for dramatic shots of 100' sea cliffs soaring steeply up from the sea, Bald Eagles floating upon an afternoon thermal, or local lobstermen hauling their traps!

Trip Length: 1 - 2 ½ Hours - Call for Details

A Lighthouse for Every Taste!

If you wish to truly see and experience the most beautiful lighthouses Maine has to offer there is no company more qualified to introduce you to the lighthouses of the Mount Desert Island area than Sea Venture Custom Boat Tours. In fact, I feel confident in saying that no other boat tour company in the State of Maine offers a wider variety of relaxing, informative, and highly affordable lighthouse tours than Sea Venture Custom Boat Tours!

Whether you are in search of a freshly whitewashed lighthouse tucked away in a sheltered harbor such as that found on tiny Mark Island, or a lovely blue trimmed keeper's house perched on the edge of a cliff at Bear Island, I have just the lighthouse for you! Better yet, while visiting any one of these 5 highly photogenic light houses you will travel along some of the most spectacularly beautiful coastline to be found anywhere in the world and experience a side of Down East Maine that few visitors even know exists!

As the 5 highly picturesque lighthouses found in this area are widely scattered over a very large area, I have put together several lighthouse tour packages for your consideration. While each of these packages typically lasts from 3-6 hours and traverses 20-60 miles, I also offer Trip #L-1, the 14 mile, 2 hour, Egg Rock Light package for those who would prefer something a little less ambitious.

Picturesque lighthouses to choose from include:

Winter Harbor Light Bear Island Light
  Egg Rock Light Bass Harbor Light
  Baker Island Light  

As with all my trips, I will be happy to "custom design" a lighthouse tour package for those wishing to explore a particular lighthouse, or combination of area lighthouses. For more information on the many enjoyable lighthouse options to choose from, contact me at 207 412-0222.

Trip Length: 2 ½ Hours to All Day - Call for Details

Trip #3 - Let's Focus On Images
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!

One of the joys of vacationing here on one of the most beautiful islands in the world is being able to talk about your trip when you get home. But as in the old saying quoted above photos of your Sea Venture Custom Boat Tour will give folks back home a far better appreciation of the incredible natural beauty of Mount Desert Island.

Capt. Shaw knows this because he's a professional photojournalist who has spent many years becoming intimately familiar with the great natural beauty of Acadia National Park and Mount Desert Island's many miles of gorgeous coastline, as well as portraying the lives of the many fascinating folks who live and work here year round. From sunrise to sundown he's out there throughout the year hunting for images that will allow him to share his 35 year love affair with this spectacularly beautiful area with others.

Simply put Mount Desert Island is a Nature Photographer's dream come true! Professionals and advanced amateurs alike flock here year after year and have for many years. In fact, as those familiar with area history can attest the Mount Desert Island area was first catapulted onto the national scene by American landscape painters of the Hudson River School who came here in pursuit of scenic subject matter for their canvases.

Perhaps you are interested in capturing striking images of rugged lichen covered seacliffs rising vertically 100' up from the sea, or tiny pristine islands bedecked in spruce and fir and encircled by glacier carved granite ledges sloping down to an indigo blue sea? Or perhaps you would prefer some shots of a white washed lighthouse, with harbor seals napping on sun soaked ledges at its base? Whatever your particular photo interests a Sea Venture Custom Boat Tour will put you in the right place at the right time to produce a truly spectacular photo record of your time on Mount Desert Island!

Over the past decade and a half Capt. Shaw has guided such photo luminaries as Bill Siliker and Thomas Blagden as they traveled around the island collecting images for books on the area. He has also served as a photo scouting boat for Paramount Studios on more than one occasion. If you've seen Leonardo DiCaprio's latest blockbuster, "Shutter Island"you've seen scenes scouted out aboard Capt. Shaw's boat "Reflection" by the film crew who shot the movie.

Additionally Capt. Shaw's more than 3 decades of conducting bald eagle field research in the area has left him intimately familiar with the area's birds and other wildlife. Simply put, he knows where they can be found and when, and will be happy to provide a wide variety of fascinating subject matter for the wildlife photographer.

Seacliffs, islands, white-washed lighthouses, bald eagles, seals, fabled areas of Acadia National Park viewable only from the water, or the sumptuous coastal summer estates of America's most prominent families, whatever your photo interests and needs if you sign up for this trip you will not be disappointed!

Trip Length: 1 Hour to All Day - Call for Details

Nature Lover's Dream Come True!

Come explore breathtakingly beautiful backcountry areas of the Acadia Region seldom experienced by 99% of Park visitors! Sign up for this exceptionally popular wildlife cruise and you'll get an up-close look at:

Harbor Seal
Bald Eagle
Black-backed Gull
Harbor Porpoise
Double-crested Cormorants
Gray Seal
Belted Kingfisher
Bonaparte's Gull
Red Fox
Black Guillemot
Herring Gull
Common Loon
Laughing Gull
White-tail Deer
Great Blue Herron
Common Tern
Minke Whale (rare)
Shorebirds (in season)
Spotted Sandpiper

As you'll discover, Captain Shaw's more than 3 decades of local experience as a professional naturalist and Director of the Coastal Maine Bald Eagle Project leaves him extraordinarily well qualified to deliver an abundance of wildlife sightings with minimal impact upon the environment!

Trip Length: 3 - 4 Hours - Call for Details

Photo Excursion Par Excellence!

Many of the several million people visiting Mount Desert Island each year are drawn here by the fabled scenery of Acadia National Park's spectacular Ocean Drive. And yet most visitors never really capture the breathtaking beauty of this glacier-carved section of coastline on film.

Join me for an "on the water" photo exploration of this Jewel in The Crown of Acadia and bring home memorable shots of such legendary landmarks as Schooner Head, Anemone Cave, Great Head, Sand Beach, Thunder Hole, Monument Cove and Otter Cliffs.

Sign up for this dramatically different view of Acadia National Park today and discover dozens of photogenic park features that you never even knew existed.

Trip Length: 2 ½ - 3 Hours - Call for Details

Around Mt. Desert Island In One Day!

I'd be willing to bet that less than 1% of folks born and raised on Mount Desert Island have ever made a complete circumnavigation of her more than 100 miles of spectacular shoreline. And, until now, such a voyage was simply not possible for island visitors unless they owned a boat and were skilled at coastal navigation.

Room simply doesn't allow me to do justice to this full-day excursion. Suffice it to say that when you hop aboard for this cruise you can count upon seeing all manner of interesting wildlife, numerous elegant shore side estates, countless pristine coves and unsettled offshore islands, unspoiled working harbors complete with operating lighthouses and all manner of other sights seldom if ever encountered by visitors to the area.

Hungry? I'll be happy to stop at a dockside restaurant along the way, or, if you'd prefer, you can bring along a delicious picnic lunch to be consumed while drifting silently along the shore of an unsettled island or bobbing peacefully with the sun-lit shelter of a pristine cove.

Sign up for this relaxing, stimulating and educational adventure and you'll bring back photos and memories of America's most beautiful island that will last a lifetime!

Trip Length: 6 - 8 Hours - Call for Details

Take A Step Back In Time!

Lying five miles - and half a century - due east of Mt. Desert Island, this picturesque and relatively unknown 2,000-acre mainland unit of Acadia National Park is located on the rock-ribbed Schoodic Peninsular. Avoid the tiring 100-mile round-trip drive to this unspoiled national treasure by joining me for a refreshing cruise across beautiful Frenchman Bay.

We'll make our way quietly along a pristine necklace of jewel-like islands, cruise slowly past spectacular 120' granite cliffs soaring dramatically up from the sea, and pause for a look at white-washed island lighthouses erected in the mid 1800s. If we are lucky, we may even spot a Minke Whale or one of the very rare 600-800 lb. Gray Seals found in this area.

Trip Length: 3 - 4 Hours - Call for Details

Visit A Hidden Side of Mt. Desert Island!

Known far and wide for their exquisite coastal scenery, the towns of Bar Harbor, Seal Harbor and Northeast Harbor host the fabulous summer homes of some of America's most wealthy and influential families.

Join me for a relaxing boat tour of these highly exclusive and seldom seen coastal areas and you will behold dozens of elegant estates not visible from the road. Better yet, along the way we'll pass within touching distance of some of the most spectacular coastal scenery found within Acadia National Park!

Trip Length: 3 - 4 Hours - Call for Details

For Those Desiring A Little Something "Extra!"

As my wife Joyce recently pointed out to me, each and every Sea Venture Custom Boat Tour that departs from my dock is "custom designed" around the individual guest's interests and timetable. No two tours are ever alike! So why, my wife asked me, bother to include Trip #11 Design Your Own Cruise?

Simply put, although Sea Venture Custom Boat Tours already offers the widest variety of boat tours to be found in the entire state of Maine - a virtual smorgasbord of more than 20 predesigned tours - I want everyone reading these pages to realize that I am always open to new ideas and new destinations!

In other words when you sign up for a Sea Venture Custom Boat Tour the only limitations placed upon your itinerary are those placed there by safe and prudent seamanship. I won't attempt to take you to England in a 20' boat, nor will I set out in a fifty-knot gale. Other than that I guess you could say that Sea Venture's motto is "Have Boat Will Travel!"

With hundreds of miles of spectacular shoreline and more than 100 beautiful islands to explore it's no exaggeration to say that available trip options are literally endless, limited only by your own budget, schedule, and imagination!

So if none of the trips described in these pages rings your bell, give me a call and I'll help you quite literally "Design Your Own Cruise!" And don't be surprised if the end result adds up to the vacation boat trip of a lifetime!

Trip Length: 1 Hour to All Day - Call for Details

For Information or Reservations Call 207-412-0222