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Harbor Seal Haulout ~ Photo by Capt. Winston Shaw ©2015 ~ All Rights Reserved

Sea Venture Custom Boat Tour trip fees are really quite reasonable when compared to the fees of other tour vessels along the Maine Coast. The exceptional value of a Sea Venture tour becomes especially apparent when you consider that my totally “private” tours entitle you to the exclusive use of my boat by your party!

This means that every detail of your trip will be designed around your personal interests and timetable! In short, you will not be forced to share the precious hours of your vacation with dozens of other passengers with dissimilar backgrounds and interests.

Trip Fees:

1 to 2 Passengers = $130.00 is your total cost per hour
3 to 4 Passengers = $150.00                “ “
5 to 6 Passengers = $200.00                “ “

Please keep in mind that my hourly fees are based upon the total number of passengers in your party and are not per passenger as is commonly the case with other area boat cruises. In other words, a party of 2 pays a total of $130 for a one-hour trip..

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